Iced Vanilla Coffee

As the season changes, bring in joy and friendship with an iced vanilla coffee.  

If you have never had iced coffee, let this be your new morning ritual on a warm day. Easy to make AND enjoyable all day!  This aromatic and light blend is sweet and easy to mix up in your cauldron on a warm day.  

There are specific blends of coffee designed for cold brew, but any coffee can be turned into iced coffee.  For example, Vanilla Moon might be a great option here!  Simply brew as usual, and pour over ice.

For this recipe, I used the Vanilla Moon coffee blend.  It is a medium blend with no after taste, a very light and subtle vanilla under tone that is not over powering.   Vanilla is often used in spells for love and friendship. It has both calming and strengthening properties which make it an amazing addition to your morning coffee ritual. It can help to raise the positive vibrations to enhance feelings of peace, tranquility and comfort. 

For Iced coffee, simply brew up the coffee. Add a small piece of vanilla bean (cut open to soften seeds), add to the bottom of the cup. Add hot coffee on top to saturate the bean.  Allow to sit and cool for a little bit, then add ice, your favorite milk, milk alternative or cream. Mix in some ice maybe add some Magical Vanilla Syrup.  I like to top mine with some ground nutmeg to promote comfort and joy.