Vanilla Moon - Bulk Options

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Oh hail the Moon! There is nothing like getting up with the Sun and saying goodnight to the Moon. This subtlety sweet blend will entrance you just as the beauty of the Moon entrances all witches.

Flavor: French Vanilla

Roast: Medium

This rich and creamy vanilla coffee is well rounded and smooth. The silky flavors blend perfectly with this small batch roasted coffee.

All of our flavored coffees start as specialty grade single origin coffee roasted in small batches to a smooth medium. Each order is then carefully flavored with high quality flavoring oils while still warm. 

*Natural and Artificial Flavoring

 Bulk Options are available in Standard Ground, Espresso, and Whole Bean in the following sizes:

1 LB, 2 LB, 5 LB, 12 LB

Bulk options are black and white labeled.