Best Irish Coffee

Drink and be Merry!

While traveling in Ireland, I experienced one of the best cups of Irish Coffee in a small pub near the Cliffs of Moher. It was a cold wet day and we were frozen to the core coming off the coast line visiting the cliffs.  We stopped in a small pub to warm up and the pub owner was so generous to share her secret tips to the best cup of Irish Coffee.  Now, full disclaimer: the quality of the coffee and the whiskey are all important factors. You can also make this alcohol-free and it is just as wonderful!

I recommend using the Goddess Blend as the coffee base. In a tall mug, add 1-2 tbs of maple syrup (or butterscotch if you want creamer) to the bottom of the cup. Pour brew on top.  Add Irish whiskey (optional) and stir.  Pour in a little cream and top with real whipped cream. Add sprinkle of chocolate on top. 

If you want to recreate the 'flavor' of the alcohol with out the actual alcohol, you can add Rum Extract to simulate the flavor. 

Who invented Irish coffee?

Joe Sheridan, a chef and bartender at the Flying Boat terminal in Foynes, Ireland, invented this drink in 1943.  A plane was forced to return to the terminal because of bad weather, and Sheridan made these special drinks for the chilled passengers to enjoy.  They've been popular ever since.